Nonprofits have three primary sources of revenue, earned income, donations from individuals, and grants. According to the Foundation Center, nonprofits received over 22 billion dollars in grant funding. The process of acquiring a grant can be daunting for nonprofits lacking professional staff skilled in grant writing. The Harris Agency has recognized this need, and can provide your organization the following grant proposal services: 

  • Develop and draft a grant funding proposal

  • Rewrite an existing grant funding proposal

  • Develop an organization’s case statement

  • Prepare a Letter of Inquiry (LOI)

  • Proofread and edit an existing proposal.

  • Proofread and edit business documents. 



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The Harris Agency is committed to providing outstanding services and building synergistic relationships with community agencies committed to service. To assist organizations fulfilling their organization’s vision, The Harris Agency is offering a monthly partnership for nonprofits including the following services: nonprofit leadership, funding development, and grant proposal development. As an innovator in the grant writing and the nonprofit field, The Harris Agency is streamlining services often unattainable to growing nonprofits because of financial or personnel constraints. To learn more about our monthly partnerships, click the Grants Inquiry button below. 


If you are a nonprofit or for-profit business seeking grant opportunities, The Harris Agency has a list of forthcoming or current grant opportunities. To learn more about a specific grant opportunity, click the Grant Opportunities button below.