501(c)(3) FORMATION

Making the decision to form a nonprofit is admirable, and is often a rewarding experience for all stakeholders. As your nonprofit expands, many organizations begin to pursue 501(c)(3) incorporation to expand the organization’s scope and receive the benefits reserved for a tax-exempt organization. The process of forming a 501(c)(3) can be an overwhelming process. The Harris Agency simplifies this process for your organization by offering the following services.
•    The Harris Agency will assess if your organization is ready to pursue nonprofit incorporation, explain the requirements for 501(c)(3) tax exemption, tax benefits, and reporting requirements.
•    We will guide your organization in board selection, explain the legal rights and duties of incorporators, directors, and officers; and draft the bylaws and articles of incorporation.
•    The Harris Agency will prepare and submit the 1023 form for 501(c)(3) tax exemption status and complete post incorporation tasks.



Research studies indicate that more than 80% of US small businesses fail in the first five years, and this rate may be higher for nonprofit organizations. An ardent desire to help others is admirable; yet, there are fundamental principles required to lead a successful nonprofit organization. A lack of vision, duplication of services, insufficient capital/funding, poor board selection, and officer development can often lead to a nonprofit organization's demise. 

The administrative aspect of nonprofit organizations has changed dramatically over the years, bringing forth a new paradigm encouraging innovation and excellence. For newly formed nonprofit organizations and existing organizations, continued success is contingent on the fundamentals of nonprofit management and leadership; as well as, the ability to enact positive, transformational change. With this expertise, The Harris Agency, LLC can transform your organization by providing your business the following services:

  • Leadership styles and nonprofit administration training,

  • Strategic planning & implementation, 

  • Organization needs assessment and evaluation, 

  • Branding and Marketing your nonprofit organization; and

  • Using social media to strengthen your brand.  


A growing number of private and government agencies provide funding to nonprofit organizations to fund programmatic costs. Although grant funding is increasing, securing grant funding is becoming increasingly competitive. With the many changes in charitable funding, many organizations must seriously consider and employ effective fundraising and development strategies to meet organization goals.


For these reasons, the Harris Agency can assist your organization in strengthening your funding capacity. Whether it is the identification of prospective donors or a capital campaign strategy, the Harris Agency can provide the following benefits: methods to identify prospective donors, accomplished methods for engaging & persuading potential donors, effective strategies to promote recurring giving; and, tested strategies for volunteer training.