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St. Joseph Valley Community Association and Youth Advocacy Association

South Bend, Indiana

The St. Joseph Valley Community and Youth Advocacy Association (CYAA) is affectionately called "The HUB." As the hub is the center of the wheel, CYAA strives to be the center of South Bend's community outreach efforts. The HUB began in 1996 when Coach Michael Poole, a CYAA Founder, had the vision to mentor young men through sports. After successfully launching a mentoring and sports program, the organization began providing tutoring services. With a thriving mentoring, athletic program, and tutoring service under its belt, Ray Barham, a CYAA Founder, developed the Music Academy in 2003, and by 2004, it was in full swing, providing piano, guitar, drum and vocal training on a weekly basis. In 2007, a Computer Science Program was added, followed by an Audio Tech Program in 2008. During 2012-2013, CYAA added a social services component to the organization, in addition to a Building Trades Program. In 2015, CYAA was thrilled to introduce its new initiative, the Food Kitchen, which provides hot meals to at-risk youth and families in the South Bend community.

Over the course of twenty years, CYAA has assisted hundreds of at-risk youth via tutoring services, encouraging a love for music, developing self-discipline through sportsmanship, and equipping youth with an invaluable skill or trade, which in turn increases their economic security and wealth development. Like the Founders, Michael Poole and Ray Barham, you recognize a need in your community. You understand a particular population who needs your service. By offering their time and service, Michael Poole and Ray Barham have created a legacy of greatness. They have left an indelible mark on our community, more importantly, they have inspired and empowered another person to reach their greatness. Are you ready to be GREAT? Start today by forming a nonprofit and securing funding to rebuild your community. Someone is waiting for you to be GREAT!

Are You Ready to Be Great?

You can make your dream, a reality. In less than 90 days the Harris Agency can establish your nonprofit and position you to secure funding to strengthen our community. The Harris Agency can assist you in forming a nonprofit by completing the following steps:

  • Draft Articles of Incorporation,

  • ​Complete and file the articles of incorporation with the state,

  • ​Register charter in the county of your choice,​

  • Draft Organization Bylaws,​

  • Create a Mission Statement, ​

  • File your EIN,

  • ​Complete and submit the 501c3 Tax Exempt Application,

  • Develop a 25 page Nonprofit Strategic Plan,

  • ​Design your organization website,​

  • Create and launch a social media campaign, ​

  • Design your logo,

  • Submit sponsorship letters to five corporate sponsors of your choice, and

  • Draft and submit one grant proposal.

Total Package Cost: $1699.00

Who Is Your Charles White?

If you're read to move forth, contact us today! 731.300.4138 (office) or email us at


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