The Sky's the Limit

Did you know, in 2014, corporations donated approximately

$17.7 billion dollars to nonprofit organizations!

Typically, nonprofits rely on grant funding as the primary revenue stream. However, established nonprofits have secured individual donor support, fundraisers, and more importantly, corporate sponsorships as streams of income. The Harris Agency is offering an extraordinary funding opportunity where we will develop and submit four corporate sponsorship packets (a 5-page document) for $125.00. This package will include the following:

  • Funding Assessment Phone Consultation: 30 minutes to identify your funding need.

  • The Harris Agency researches and identifies suitable sponsors.

  • Develop sponsorship packet including the following:

  • Executive Summary

  • Sponsorship Opportunities and Levels

  • Event Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Organization Brochure

  • Organization Fact Sheet

  • Sponsor Program Agreement

  • Contact Information

  • The Harris Agency will submit the packet on your organization's behalf and conduct, at least, three follow-up correspondences (phone or email) with the sponsor.

This offer is ideal for new nonprofits requiring funding to provide programmatic services. Existing nonprofits will find this package attractive because it allows your organization the opportunity to establish a funding base, thereby building capacity.

More importantly, a sponsorship packet allows your nonprofit to generate funds without providing necessary items often required for grant proposals. Religious organizations, often excluded from grant opportunities, can access funding to support programmatic services which often benefit the community. Finally, this package affords your organization an attractive packet you can use continuously for only $125.00.

The offer ends Friday, February 26, 2016. Contact the Harris Agency today at 731.300.4138 (office) or (email).

PLEASE share this information with ndividuals or organizations who may find this information beneficial. If your referral becomes a client, you WILL receive a REFERRAL fee!


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