Building Strong Children

“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men” ~ Frederick Douglass

P.U.R.E. Youth Athletic Alliance, Inc.

Progress Under Restraints & Extremes


In 2010, Melvin Cole's commitment to the youth of Memphis, TN materialized once he pioneered the organization, P.U.R.E. Youth Athletic Alliance, Inc. Founder, Melvin Cole, recognized the correlation between youth residing in single-parent homes, economically distressed homes, and children with an academic deficiency, and subsequent contact with the juvenile justice system. Reared under similar circumstances, Melvin used sports as a tool to empower him physically, emotionally, and academically, thereby forging a path where Melvin now provides the same assistance to children facing insurmountable odds. PURE uses sports as a creative medium to construct exciting learning experiences, in addition to offering mentoring, educational enrichment, and physical fitness. This three-prong approach allows PURE to address the social, educational, and physical needs of each participant. Click the video below to learn more about our client, P.U.R.E. and Melvin Cole's vision to build children, instead of repairing men.


It's hard to deny Melvin Cole's energy, and you have to admire the P.U.R.E. participant's desire to lead, instead of a follow. The video sparks a desire to serve, more importantly, it is challenging the Melvin Cole within you. Melvin Cole exists within each of us, and the Harris Agency can assist you in making your dream, a reality. In less than 90 days the Harris Agency can establish your nonprofit and position you to secure funding to strengthen your community. The Harris Agency can assist you in forming a nonprofit by completing the following steps:

  • Draft Articles of Incorporation,

  • Complete and file the articles of incorporation with the state,

  • Register charter in the county of your choice,​

  • Draft Organization Bylaws,​

  • Create a Mission Statement, ​

  • File your EIN,

  • ​Complete and submit the 501c3 Tax Exempt Application,

  • Develop a 25 page Nonprofit Strategic Plan,

  • Design your organization website,​

  • Create and launch a social media campaign, ​

  • Design your logo,

  • Submit sponsorship letters to five corporate sponsors of your choice.

Total Package Cost: $1499.00 (payment plans are available)

Contact us today: or 731.300.4138 (office).


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